Cat’s Don’t Groom Themselves

Cats don’t groom themselves; they lick themselves….. and that is a world of difference!

It is a common misconception that cats never need a bath because they groom themselves.  I too, was among the believers of this myth until I studied cat grooming.  Grooming your cat is just as important as grooming your dog.  It will improve the overall health of his skin and coat.

Are you allergic to cats?  Well you may think that the source of your allergic reaction stems from the cat’s fur.  In reality, the allergen is the Fel d 1 protein found in cat saliva.   Bacteria is also found in their saliva.  Just imagine what ends up on you hand, furniture, and bed from years of your cat licking himself. Cat grooming not only improve the cat’s well being but also the cleanliness of the home environment.

Grooming your cat can improve his digestion.   Every time your cat takes a swipe across his body he is ingesting hair.  As a result, this can cause a blockage in his digestion track and cause him to vomit hair balls.  Regular grooming will greatly reduce the amount of fur ingested thereby improving his digestion health.

Does your cat look clumpy and oily?   Cats are truly oily creatures that will constantly produce a natural coat lubricant… even to excess.  In order for the cat’s coat to be light and fluffy, he needs a bath with a degreasing shampoo.

The earlier the better!! Start your cat on a regular grooming regime as soon as they are fully vaccinated at 12 weeks old.